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Monday, August 4, 2014

Wagner's Ice Cream & Snack Shack on Car Cruise Night

"I was born in a small town.  My parents lived in the same small town.  Gonna die in a small town, well, that's probably where they'll bury me..."  John Cougar Mellancamp

Not only do I live in a small town, I actually live in the suburbs between 2 small towns (for lack of a better term).  And yes, I live on the same road my parents did when they started their own family 46 years ago.  My children have friends that I have known not only their parents, but sometimes aunts, uncles and grandparents. Yes, it can be strange, but I also find comfort and safety in my community. An additional bonus and when your girlfriend can text you, "Hey, want to go to the car show at Wagner's," and you can make a decision within minutes and show up in less than a half hour.

Tuesday nights, Wagner's Ice Cream & Snack Shack hosts an open car show.  We have 2 antique muscle cars and though the Mr. was away the night I went, my girlfriend brought her Porsche and to be honest, I just wanted to try one of their hamburgers.

The parking area is filled with a variety of cars from various eras, makes and models.  Muscle cars and the unique classics are always what I am drawn to, but I can appreciate those that have been kept original as well as the meticulously restored.  After a quick look around, I am ready to place my order and I am joined by my younger son.

It takes just a few minutes to decide on the Brunch Burger for myself.  What's better than mixing breakfast with your burger?  A fried egg, bacon, lettuce and tomato all on a sizzling beef patty and served in paper lined basket with crispy and salty fries - heaven.

The large seating area is a covered pavilion that is not only family friendly, but also had a community water bowl for 4 legged tag-alongs.

My son went with the Western Burger and though I didn't taste it, the proof of his enjoyment was the lack of food remaining in the basket.  He made it all disappear.

Over time we were joined by 4 other women and we all knew others in attendance.  Smiles, waves and a few head nods of recognition were exchanged.  I was full from the burger, but who can resist a bit of ice cream?

A small sugar cone filled with soft-serve vanilla dunked in cherry dip and turned upside down in a small bowl was the perfect way to end my meal.  I chatted with friends for a few more minutes before my son and I headed back home - just miles down the road.  We are a part of a precious community and we are all Fed Well for being members.

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