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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Harry's Oyster Bar - Atlantic City Boardwalk

Just the names of some places evoke images we cannot control. Paris = Eiffel Tower, New York City may be the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building and for Atlantic City we think of gambling and casinos, right? For me, it is really a combination of casinos, boardwalk, the ocean and yes, shopping.  It is so unfortunate that recent news about AC includes the closing of multi-million dollar casinos and regardless of the fault or where you stand on the issue of gambling, the impact will be sizable.

This past summer I was lucky to go on a week long vacation with the Mr. and our mothers.  We stayed in a small beach town just south of Atlantic City.  The location was perfect and allowed us easy access to AC while staying in a nearby shore area.

One day, the Mr. and I took my Mommy out for a little morning one-armed bandit wrestling which worked up our appetites before we hit the outlet stores.  We strolled a bit and came upon Harry's Oyster Bar and I fell in love with the outdoor seating.  I knew I wasn't quite close enough to hear the roar of the waves, smell the salt or feel the sea spray, but I was nearby enough to soak in the atmosphere that was clearly saturated with beach vibes.

The generous sized umbrellas allowed guests to enjoy their dining al fresco without feeling the sun's wicked summer scorch.
The restaurant only opens at noon and we are in our seats by 12:05 as the other tables begin to fill up quickly.  Staff are wearing sunglasses and the guests range from tourists like us to what appear to be local business folks.
I begin with..yes, New England Clam Chowder.  I know, I know, but just as I would eat cold fruit in the winter, I am perfectly happy with soup in the summer.
No, my camera did not need adjusting, the soup did have a pale greenish cast.  Could have been the ton of celery or the fresh bay leaf - either way it was pretty good soup.
The lunch menu was straightforward and as other's received their food, I felt like a cartoon character lifted into a horizontal position and trailing behind the most heavenly of lunchtime food aroma's - the after scent of fried food, more specifically french fries!
(photo source unknown)
Before you know it, our food arrives and I forget that none of us won $10,000 in the casino. 

The Mr.'s grilled chicken wrap
Mommy's classic cheeseburger

My lobster roll
I almost never eat the roll the lobster roll is served in.  Mostly because I simply enjoy the flavor of the lobster salad, but also if I am going to eat those preciously deep fried and perfectly salted potatoes, I think that is enough carbs for one sitting.  Also, I never really understood the shiny coating of butter and grilling of the roll, but that's just my taste.
Harry's Oyster Bar provided us with a great and simple lunch.  We were ready to face an afternoon of outlet shopping (despite the Mr. feeling I had revoked his man card) and were certainly feeling Fed Well.

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