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Thursday, September 11, 2014

On the Boardwalk

What is a New Jersey shore vacation without an evening trip to a boardwalk?  If you stay in a town that does not have an active boardwalk nightlife, you are not likely far from one that does and it really is mandatory.

This past summer we went for a week with both of our mothers and stayed in a town not far from Atlantic City.  We visited the nearby boardwalk in Ocean City.  As a side note, the Mr.'s mother has 84 years of life experience and loves being near the beach.  When asked if she felt up to a walk on the boardwalk, her answer was an absolutely, unequivocally, enthusiastic, "Yes."

Something too about that magical light at dusk on the beach...
Can you hear each of the sounds? Gulls calling out, the waves, shrieks and laughter of children, the flapping of kites and the rhythmic beat of stroller or walker wheels as they pass over the individual boards can all be heard.

The boardwalk truly is one of those places that has something for kids of all ages.  A simple stroll, people watching, games, mini-golf...

and yes, most importantly - FOOD.

I was on a hunt for one of my favorites - chocolate covered strawberries.  I found a candy shop that simply smelled like sugar as soon as the door was opened.  It was like Willy Wonka's gift shop.  If you could think of it, they probably sold it and everyone wanted one!  Hard candies, flavors of fudge, taffy by the ton, dipped fruits and confections of every variety were on shelves, behind glass cases and being sold quicker than the next customer decide what to order.

The front window had this animated display that was perfect for catching the eyes of passers-by.  The doll would lift herself up on the bar, then fall to the front and somersault through before rising again to repeat her act.  Mesmerizing. 
After I bought my sweets (which I kept wrapped for another time), everyone began to act on their cravings.  The Mr. sought out then consumed the perfect slice of Sicilian style pizza.  I found a one stop stand that sold hand cut french fries (by what seemed like the pound) and included a nifty separate carrier for ketchup as well as...

Fried Dough and

freshly squeezed lemonade!
A heavenly snack filled night was had by all.  We shared our treats and treasures, alternating between sitting on a bench and strolling along and I had a bit of everything.  The pizza was fair, the fried dough and french fries were amazing with epic size portions and I saved the strawberries until we were home, but they were plump, juicy berries bathed separately in milk and dark chocolate.  Heaven must have a boardwalk and fair-type foods.   
Together, near the Atlantic, we were Fed Well.

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