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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sweeney's Irish Pub in Walden

Last year, I had what I thought was my "scary" birthday and was so looking forward to this one.  All the bad stuff would be behind me and I could just move forward.  Turns out I had a little crying jag just a few days before this one - this middle of the road stuff can be tough - but then I quickly recovered.  I am very lucky to have a happy, healthy family, and good friends to help smooth out the tough spots.

And for me, dinner out is like repaving the bumpy lane!

Two of my lady friends invited me out for dinner at Sweeney's Irish Pub in Walden.  I'd never been to Sweeney's though I always hear about the bar.

The specials for the evening were clearly posted on the sidewalk as you enter.

Soup is a magical food for me.  It does not have to be cold out or a particular season.  Soup is like the hug of foods.  A great beginning, not much commitment, and it can be satisfying all by itself.  I look forward to ordering the seafood chowder.

The atmosphere is extremely casual.  The dining area is clean and orderly.

Balloons.  So fun and festive.  It truly is the little things that turn a day into a grand occasion.  We also had party hats and party blowers (not sure if they have a proper name) that rolled out but did not make noise.  Fabulous!

First things first, what to drink? Well, an Irish pub would seem the best place for a grand pint, but I'm not a huge beer fan. Whiskey or shots - not really.  Can I get a margarita? Is that allowed? Why yes!

And guess what? It was better than some latin/spanish/mexican restaurants!
Laughs, stories, sharing - that's what happens when you get together with friends.  Interrupted only by bites of food and sips of drinks.
The Seafood Chowder
The soup was the perfect serving size.  The broth was light and the potatoes were tender.

At first, I thought I would order the Shepherd's Pie because how can you review an Irish Pub without trying it? Well, then I asked the gentleman who took our orders what the most popular dish was and this wasn't it.  However, one of my friends did order it.  The pie was a base of mashed potatoes then topped with a Phyllo dough crust.

Among the popular dishes are the burgers and my other friend ordered hers with cheese and bacon.  A hit!

The classic "fish 'n chips" is one of Sweeney's most popular dishes and so, that was my dinner.  I have to say the fries were amazing! The fish was a nice, light, white fish in just the right amount of batter.  The portion may not seem amazing, but I was only able to eat one piece of the fish and took the rest home.  Could've been the soup started to fill me and I wanted to leave room for dessert, but I found it to be a healthy amount of food.  Crisp, crunchy and satisfying!
So for dessert, we chose between the house made rice pudding:
(yes, I had a spoonful and it was delicious)
or the Bailey's Pie:
I know we were also offered a 3rd option, but these are what we ordered.  The Bailey's Pie was rich and decadent, but somehow I managed to finish.

My wish, well, I understand it is bad luck to share...but, I can tell you this - I am always appreciative of all the times I am able to share food with friends and family.  I am grateful for every time I am Fed Well.

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