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Monday, September 15, 2014

The Continental - Atlantic City, NJ

Bags packed, car loaded, GPS set for the vacation rental and we (Mommy and me) are off.  We will be meeting the Mr., his mother and our yellow lab, Maddy, but first a stop off in Atlantic City.
Something about the frenzy and promise of listening to the electronic dings, bells and beeps as you walk through a casino floor.  People are both excited and disgusted as they sit in front of quiet machines.  Are they plotting how they will explain their losses or dreaming of ways to spend the days winnings?  What about those at the tables?  Are they losing their monthly mortgage or winning back the money they lost from their last visit?
We are ready for a bit of lunch and stroll out from Caesar's to the shops and this is the view of the beach:

It's just classic to me.  Timeless. 
The beach is where my soul wants to go to heal and refresh.  It is the place I imagine to be when people joke about going to their "happy place."  It is calming and soothing though I can get anxious if the water is too rough or intimidating. 
Ah, but I must pull my mind back and think about the mid-day meal.  We stop at The Continental.  It seems fun and has a bit of an old-school wink in appearance and feel.
The menu includes head shot photos of the staff.  Kinda cool.  By the way, the staff were all very nice and attentive without hovering.  I like to be seated promptly when possible, usually prefer time between ordering a drink and ordering the meal (I may sometimes be under a time constraint, but I will identify that rather than be impatient) and to receive the correct order.  I like to be "checked on" once during the meal and overall not feel like I am an inconvenience.  Pretty average standards.
Time to order and I opt for something a bit unusual for me and light.
Grilled Thai Chicken Skewers
with Jasmine rice and peanut sauce.
Delicious.  The chicken has a nice bit of charred crust but the meat is moist and flavorful.  I especially enjoy mixing the rice with a bit of the peanut sauce. 
For Mommy:

A classic turkey club served with fresh fruit.
Wow.  No fries for either of us! It is our lucky day.
A short time later, I stood by the ocean.
It is a dream come true. 

"I am at the beach." 

I just want to skip or twirl or something to show the universe that I am happy and exactly where I am supposed to be.

Being able to share this vacation with a portion of my family and looking forward to a week's worth of fabulous meals are all I need to feel Fed Well.

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