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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Torches on the Hudson for Sunday Brunch!

What is a more fitting way to spend a Sunday (late morning into early afternoon) then with one's lady friends, river side and enjoying a classic brunch buffet?  It was a lovely experience and Torches on the Hudson has set the bar. We watched many visitors begin a day of Hudson Valley tourism with brunch and then set off on one of the river cruises, but it was also a great way for local friends, families or even those on a date, to get together and share a meal.

Brunch cocktails are not available until noon, so if that is a priority either plan accordingly or be patient.  Here are the Bellini, Bloody Mary and Mimosa.

I enjoyed the peach and champagne cocktail that is a Bellini.

The buffet also includes custom omelette's ordered via our server and/or Eggs Benedict.  Eggs Benedict are my favorite breakfast food - something about the lush feeling of a poached egg smothered in a well made Hollandaise that makes me happy. I have the egg with Canadian bacon or ham and over either a toasted English muffin or my absolute favorite is a slice of fresh, seasonal tomato.  I am almost giddy with food anticipation and brunch excitement.

We head to the buffet in shifts.  Some of the ladies stay at the table to both guard our bags and belongings (something our mothers taught us I suppose) and ward off the evil yellow jacket bees!

Mini-waffles are a popular item at the buffet and are served alongside bowls of sliced and fragrant strawberries as well as whipped cream.

Another beloved aspect of brunch is the availability of both breakfast and lunch menu items.  An antipasto platter is perfectly at home on the same serving table as a silver tray of scrambled eggs, baked pastries, and slices of quiche.

For those who prefer something with far less salt and exponentially greater nutritional value - a beautiful variety of fruit is nearby.

And of course, an assortment of cheeses...

My first plate (yes, that is the down side to a buffet - we tend to overeat) includes a few slices of salami, a single piece of ham, a portion of Chicken Marsala, a serving of the perfect texture and well seasoned breakfast potatoes with red peppers and onion, a small section of quiche and a few olives.  Salt heaven!

My second plate (I can tell you without shame because we are not making eye contact), includes a bit of Tilapia, fresh green beans, more of those heavenly spuds and from the carving station; a slice of roast turkey with gravy.  It just can't get any better than a waterfront brunch buffet with great friends and a Bellini, right?  

Maybe it can!  A dessert buffet is the cherry on the proverbial sundae or literal cupcake depending on your selection.

Bread Pudding

Yogurt Parfaits

A Tower of Treats

Sweets, sweets, everywhere!

Panna cotta with Blackberries and Cream 
 (Learn more about panna cotta by clicking here)

What did 5 women in their 30's - 50's talk about over brunch? Work, kids, the food, the bees, and the ladies from the Red Hat Society who were getting ready to board one of the river cruise boats.

Ok, about those bees...I was minding my own business and was stung on the back of the neck and then, the last precious sip I had saved of my delicious Bellini was ruined by a dive bombing yellow jacket who landed in the alcohol laced nectar I was thoroughly enjoying.  Hmmph.

The breakfast buffet at Torches on the Hudson would be great for catching up with friends or family and a great date for couples of all ages.  A great destination for being and feeling Fed Well.

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