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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ventnor Coffee Shop


Do most people remember their first cup of coffee?  I'm not sure I remember the very first one, but I remember trying to have some the night my father died.  I ended up adding so much sugar and milk that I joked with a family friend that I may as well not even pretend to drink coffee at all.

Years later I discovered flavored creamer which helped and then one of the popular coffee chains sold flavored coffee.  I'd found my java though I was still a tea gal at heart.  Now, weekends, holidays and special occasions (although to be honest, I seem to be buying it more frequently right now) I will indulge and buy myself a French Vanilla coffee with a bit of cream.  I mostly prefer just a hot coffee, but may go for a latte or ice.  

However, I really like a small town coffee house.  Something about the atmosphere and while on vacation, Ventnor Coffee did not disappoint.

On the outside, the entry way appears fairly standard for a coffee house.  Once inside I noticed the opening was once a garage door and the tracks are still suspended from the ceiling along with what appears to be a working door.  Perhaps that is how they close for the season?

Bicycles and pirate ships were parked outside.

The decorating theme is simply to be related to coffees, teas and sweets.  The whole "Keep calm and (whatever related activity saying inserted here)" signs are getting old and tired, but I smiled when I read the "Eat a cupcake then eat another" sign.  It felt like the hipster version of "Cheers."

I dropped by one weekday afternoon and the stage area seemed either prepped for the evening or not yet broken down from the previous night.  I imagine some super cool jazz or alternative rock being played by either young hopefuls or seasoned folks who just play for their own enjoyment.

Casual seating varies throughout the space from easy chairs to sofas as well as traditional tables with wooden chairs.  Customers can be found reading (material printed on paper - like newspapers and magazines) or browsing through various electronic devices.

I look through the long lists of drink choices, sweets and treats but stick with what I know I like; a medium hot french vanilla with cream and no sugar.  I wait to sip and leave with the Mr. to start another adventure on our vacation.  

We enjoy our time at Ventnor Coffee and head back to our rental house.  Life is good, "down at the shore," and we soak it all in while feeling Fed Well.

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  1. Looks like a pretty neat place. I particularly like the pirate ship. ~M