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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Blu Mango Grill for Lunch - Hudson Valley Restaurant Week Fall 2014

New to Hudson Valley Restaurant Week (HVRW), new to Walden and newly added to our list of "go-to-top-of-mind" places.  My younger son and I decide to sneak in one last meal during HVRW and have lunch together at Blu Mango Grill.  Parking and the main entrance are in the rear of the building although you can enter from the plaza next to Dunkin Donuts.

We are seated in the modern main dining room featuring contemporary decorating touches including whimsical light fixtures and a fresh color scheme.  We are given both regular and HVRW menus and ask for green tea to begin.

I like that we are brought a pot and can refill at our own pace.

Next, we are given a food gift.  Lovely surprise.  Chicken Thai Chili Meatballs.  Amazing.  Tender, sweet and well, gone within seconds.

We both ordered the vegetable dumplings as appetizers.  The tender dough is filled with a medley of veggies and served piping hot with a choice of dipping sauces.

 Japanese Vegetable Gyoza

Our server is friendly and talks with us for a moment about upcoming special menu additions, holiday promotions and the ability for local businesses to receive lunch menus.  Unfortunately, I do not work in the Walden area during the week to benefit from this feature, but would highly recommend it for anyone in nearby towns.

Main course for me is the Ginger Tempura Shrimp as pictured above.  The panko crust was crisp and crunchy.  The shrimp were large and succulent and served with a spicy ginger sauce.  

For my son, the Eruption Roll which was described as, "Fried kani roll topped with shrimp, crabmeat and spicy island sauce."  Spicy, most definitely.  He thoroughly enjoyed and finished it.

We talk about his college education, my job, food and restaurants.  We exchange thoughts about our meals and Blu Mango.  I often ask my sons if they would return to a restaurant without me and when the answer is yes, I give the restaurant an additional favorable vote when thinking of writing a review.  So, 2 forks (or sets of chopsticks) up for Blu Mango Grill.

My son orders the fried banana dessert which I have had in the past.  The fruit is deep fried in a thin crepe like wrapping and filled with custard, topped with ice cream and whipped cream.  Delicious without being cloying.

I opt for the mango cheesecake.

The cake itself is mango flavored as well as being topped with fruit and is also served with both vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. Heavenly ending to a wonderful lunch.

I settle the bill and think how lucky we are to be Fed Well.  We visit area restaurants fairly regularly and it fulfills not only our appetite, but allows us to spend time together, talk it over and just be. 

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