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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Joseph's Steakhouse in Hyde Park for Fall Hudson Valley Restaurant Week 2014

For me, part of the appeal of Hudson Valley Restaurant Week  (HVRW) is the ability to try a new-to-me restaurant and see how it fits.  The price fixe allows for a fairly level playing field, although I do prefer to view menus online before I head out, and I often opt for choices I may not have ever found without HVRW.  

A perfect example is last night’s visit to  Joseph's Steakhouse in Hyde Park.  With just a few clicks of the mouse I was able to learn Joseph’s Steakhouse has a bit of local history as well.  The historic Tea Room was once owned by Eleanor Roosevelt and used to entertain distinguished guests.  The space has other distinct and separate areas including a Tap Room, main dining room and private banquet room.  The online menu confirmed beef would be the star and so the Mr. and I headed to 728 Violet Avenue.

We were greeted and seated within moments in the Tea Room section and I found the Frank Sinatra era background music to be fitting, not only for a steak house, but this Joseph’s in particular.  Our server was pleasant and accommodating and I began by ordering a Sidecar cocktail.  

We both ordered from the HVRW menu and started with the mussels for me and chili for my husband.  

The mussels were sweet and tender, the chili was full bodied with a gentle heat.

For main courses, I had the sirloin topped with Shrimp Oscar.  The beef was well seasoned and prepared exactly medium rare as requested.  The Bearnaise sauce was flavorful without overpowering the delicate shrimp or masking the woodiness of the asparagus.  The dish was flanked by Lyonnaise potatoes and a vegetable medley.  

The Mr. selected the prime rib with garlic mashed potatoes and was not disappointed by the flavor and texture of the meat.  It truly was a memorable meal.

While we ate, we noticed Joseph thoroughly enjoys his time in the front of the house.  He stopped at our table to check in and ask how everything was as well as find out what made me order a Sidecar.  I’ve been noticing their resurgence on the Internet and have been wanting one – this seemed like the right time.  Joseph told us he remembers when they were quite popular and shared the secret is in proper shaking to create a foam.  It was simply delicious.

For our last course, I had the cherry Merlot ice cream which was made at Clancey’s Creamery and the Mr. selected the warm apple crisp topped with vanilla ice cream.  

Coffee for him, Harney & Sons tea for me closed out a wonderful dining experience.  The staff, ambiance, cleanliness, history, setting and food all added up to a memorable Monday night opening to Hudson Valley Restaurant Week.

We would love to visit Joseph's Steakhouse again - we left happy and feeling Fed Well.

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  1. Have always wanted to try this place too Sharon! Now you have made it an absolute must! Funny thing about the sidecar - had one as a signature drink at La Toscana restaurant in Green Brae CA and have been trying to perfect it and taste it at different restaurants ever since. Will share the recipe with you if you'd like-La Toscana was nice enough to share their version with me! Laura Schick-Cormier