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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Kiernan's Pub & Tavern in Pine Bush

It's official, I am one of those small town gals that has lived in the area long enough that I describe where the "new" place is by using the name of the "old" place as a reference.  For example, Kiernan's Pub & Tavern is in the old AJ's.  So, now you know exactly where it is, right?  Well, if you don't, it's actually 66 North Street in Pine Bush.  You know, the road to the Town Park, I mean, Castle Park. Ah, you'll find it.

So, my younger son and I thought we'd check it out.  Turns out, he knows one of the bartenders so I tried to order my latest favorite classic cocktail, the Sidecar.  Thankful for the modern age and the ability of a bartender to check cocktail recipes via Google, he and I were able to select 3 basic ingredients that must be shaken with ice then poured out into a martini or short glass.  His choice to garnish with orange was a nice touch.

Since we are new customers, I have a ton of questions for our server.  I feel bad now, but somethings I just like to know before I order anything.  For example, what's the soup? Lamb stew.  What's in the stew beside lamb?  Potatoes, carrots and celery.  Ok, I'll start with that please.

A generous portion of delicately tender lamb with a hearty amount of carrots and potatoes, the stew could be a dinner portion on it's own with some warm bread and butter.  Delicious and satisfying.  We are off to a great beginning.

Next up, main courses.  I decide on the 8 ounce pub burger without cheese prepared to just medium doneness. Keep in mind, Mr. Marty Kiernan is known for also owning Kiernan's Farm and I am anxious to try the much talked about grass fed beef.

The burger size is generous and as you can see, it is served with a healthy number of onion slices, lettuce and tomato. The pickle is crisp and dill.  The potatoes - they look amazing, don't they?  I wanted them to be better, maybe just slightly more cooked for the interior to just be a bit fluffier and softer.  But, the exterior was beautifully salted and overall, I was quite happy.

For my son, the shrimp skewers.

He cleared his plate and helped me finish my burger.  

I highly recommend the lamb stew if it is available and a burger.  The beef was tender, moist and lived up to my expectations.

I'm sure Kiernan's Pub & Tavern will be well received by the local community and my son and I both see a few familiar faces during our meal.  As long as they are Fed Well, most will likely return again and again. Good luck Kiernan's Pub & Tavern and welcome to the neighborhood.

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