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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Il Villaggio - Take Out at the Day Job

At my day job, we have a wonderful (she'd laugh at that description - she is known for being direct, not touchy/feely as "wonderful" may imply) department Admin. who will occasionally order lunch for all of us to be delivered and we then eat together in a conference room. On this day, it was from Il Vilaggio and the link to the menu was sent to each of us in a group email and if we want to place an order to have it to her by 11 a.m.  The "or else" was silent.

Like family, we have days and times when we like to face things together, bond and laugh as well as days when I can barely stand the sound of my own breathing, let alone the voices and stories of a few of my co-workers.  It's not as harsh as it sounds, really. Overall, I find our current mix and combination of personalities to be more than compatible and appropriate for the work place.  We have had many lively discussions around the conference table about politics, celebrities, nonsense, holiday traditions and our families. We have as many things in common as differences and though I'm not one for forced workplace bonding, lunch together once in awhile is fine (and it gives me fun dinner stories for at home).

Sometimes I am thankful for this option, although other times I am anxious for a break from the work day and prefer leaving the building for an hour.  When ordering from Il Villagio I have always ordered pizza and watched as a few of my co-workers enjoyed their crispy chicken salads.  

Fine, I gave in on both counts and tried the crispy chicken salad:

The fried chicken is crispy, but moist and the salad ingredients are crunchy and fresh. The foil package on the left is some squishy bread and the dressing on the side was barely touched. A winning combination of textures and flavors made me forget that basically I was eating a salad for lunch.

Even in the company of my day job coworkers, I am Fed Well with food and stories. However, I wish Monday wasn't coming up so quickly.

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