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Friday, January 2, 2015

Perkins - Middletown, NY - Gathering for Sunday Brunch Therapy

Every so often I have cravings.  Sometimes I want a salty snack, something sweet, or I miss someone or a group of someones...Being Fed Well is not just about the food, although I love a good meal, it's also about those who are gathered around the table with you.  I like to mix it up.  Family meals, extended family meals, lunch with coworker friends, and meeting the women of my life - cocktails and appetizers, lunch, dinner or brunch all works.  It doesn't have to be fancy, new or trendy.  Just us, well taken care of with solidly good food.  

I missed a particular pair of friends and so we gathered at Perkins in Middletown for brunch as we have for years.  Ah.  It is the equivalent of putting on your favorite old jeans; you feel good, comfortable and at ease.

No pretense.  No need to impress.  The conversation flows and we each take a turn letting it out, listening, nodding, offering advice or a different point of view.  Our children are grown or growing and while we may be at different phases of parenting, it's still parenting and we worry, compare notes and reassure each other that what we are doing is perfectly fine.

Here is a peek at our meals:

Ham and Swiss Omelette with Breakfast Potatoes

Side order of French Toast

For me:
Country Eggs Benedict (minus cheese) - poached eggs over biscuits with sausage and gravy

A Veggie Scramble (with real eggs please), bacon, potatoes and toast

I listen, ask questions, eat, talk, laugh and make jokes.  I feel myself recharging as my craving is satisfied.  We do not talk every day, or even every week, but what we have is a solid foundation I can depend on. Fulfilling.  They have taught me that hugs aren't so bad after all and it has become our greeting and parting sign of affection.  They are my friends and we keep each other Fed Well.

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