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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Return to White Wolf

The last of the holiday restaurant gift certificates have now been used.  These are among my favorite gifts to receive; they stretch out the holiday season, as well as allow me to eat out on cold winter nights when I am feeling a bit lazy about cooking or blue about the weather.

We set out on a particularly blustery evening and I can feel the little bit of skin I have exposed on my face, almost sting, as I walk the short distance from the car to the dining room.  I am then greeted with a rush or warmth as we select our table.  Ah, I feel better already.

To begin...any guesses?

I typically do not express a vodka preference when I order a Cosmopolitan.  However, I am going to in the future if asked.  I think I have tasted enough to know the difference between a future headache and a pleasant cocktail.

We peruse the menu for a few minutes, but we are fairly easy and predictably pleased on this frigid weeknight.  I knew well in advance that I simply wanted a burger and fries.

This particular version was smothered in grilled onions and mushrooms, served with a nice pile of crispy fries.  My craving for meat and potatoes, albeit fast food version, was satisfied.

Open Steak Sandwich

Topped with mushrooms and onions, our younger son had a steak sandwich and fries.  Standard fare, traditionally prepared and served.

Chicken for the Mr.

Seeing pasta like this just makes me a little sad.  I don't know why I always want to see the pasta completely coated in the sauce when served, but I truly do.  The Mr. was satisfied with the portion size and the chicken itself.

The owner walks among the people in his dining room and I do love that personal touch.  Across the room I see a young boy in a New York Knicks jersey.  #17.  Do you know who wears that number? Cleanthony Early - who is a Pine Bush High School graduate.  Always exciting to see local folks succeed.

We head back out into the frozen air.  We are a Fed Well family and stop off at the local grocery store before the next snow storm arrives.  We need bread and milk like everyone else.

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