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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Limoncello's for Dinner - Spring 2015 Hudson Valley Restaurant Week

Although I have the best intentions to visit a new restaurant during Hudson Valley Restaurant Week, sometimes I also act on a whim and simply seek a local restaurant that is also participating and that is how we chose Limoncello's at the Orange Inn.  We had been to this fine establishment in the recent past for a repast meal and in it's former life as The Orange Inn (back in the '80's we had our wedding rehearsal dinner here).

To begin, I had a difficult time deciding on a cocktail.  I only ever order one drink and want it to work with my meal, be well prepared, balanced in flavor and worthy of my hard earned money.  A tall order for a beverage.

Lemon Drop Martini

I decide on the Lemon Drop Martini as a wink and nod to the restaurant's name.

During Hudson Valley Restaurant Week (HVRW) my family is encouraged to try the event menu, but are more than welcome to also order from the regular menu.

To begin:

I start with the stuffed portobello mushrooms.  A meal in itself, these hearty mushrooms were served over a bed of spinach, and stuffed with ricotta, red peppers, mozzarella and drizzled with balsamic vinegar.  Lovely.  Great combination of textures, hot/cold and balance of flavors.

For the Mr.:

Classic Eggplant Rollatini

The serving size was also generous for this dish.  The eggplant was beautifully prepared and my husband thoroughly enjoyed the sauce.

A gentleman provided entertainment in the form of piano playing and singing for the diners.  I recognized him from his performances at Pine Bush art exhibits and we made a game of trying to guess the song title and artist in as few notes as possible.  I'm revealing my age by referring to the old game show, "Name That Tune."

Main Courses:

For our younger son, an order from the regular menu.

Sirloin Toscana

The menu description:

Grilled vintage black angus 14oz. strip steak, tuscan rosemary garlic butter, broccoli rabe, roasted fingerling potatoes

I was able to sample the vegetables, but was never offered a slice of the steak as he was busy eating every last bite.

For the Mr.

Buccatini Bolognese con Ricotta 
savory pork & beef meat sauce, tomato, thick imported spaghetti, ricotta

Typically the Mr. prefers a thin spaghetti, fine linguini, or even angel hair.  I forewarned him that this pasta would be more substantial.  He nodded and ordered.  This is a huge departure from his favorite chicken marsala and was a risk at the beginning of the meal when he hadn't had a chance to pre-approve of the sauce.  Have I ever mentioned he can be particular?  So, when he give a dish a thumbs-up, it is like a 3 or 5 star rave depending on the scale.

For me:

Ravioli Del Giorno

I have yet to meet a pasta dish I did not enjoy.  The ravioli was tender but firm and the filling was a flavorful pork.  Delicious.



This perfect pastry was not listed on HVRW menu, but when we asked what was for dessert, it was offered.  The crisp shell dusted with powdered sugar was filled with a dense cannoli cream.  So decadent.

Warm Hudson Valley Apple Galette with gelato

Directly from the HVRW menu, the Mr. enjoyed his dessert and not a trace remained on the plate.

We enjoyed ourselves, the entertainment, the food, each other's company and left feeling full and Fed Well.  Thank you Limoncello's and Hudson Valley Restaurant Week for a memorable meal and evening.

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