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Friday, March 20, 2015

Tuthill House at the Mill - Hudson Valley Restaurant Week Spring 2015

Imagine knowing someone for all but 8 years of, we do not speak to each other every day and yes, sometimes we may not see each other for long stretches, but we have pretty firm roots in each other's lives.  Shared experiences, stories, a history and the desire to stay in touch.  I had a dream about her and we decided it was time to get together for lunch.

The timing was perfect to also sneak in a restaurant that is participating in Hudson Valley Restaurant Week (HVRW) Spring 2015 and Tuthill House at the Mill was a perfect fit for us.

Tulips - my absolute favorite and they remind us that warmer weather is on the way.

A few views of the dining room right before it filled up.

We were given a stack of paperwork - HVRW menu, regular menu, wine list, cocktails, specials, oh my.

I was excited to catch-up with my friend and though I knew I was ordering from the HVRW menu, I didn't want her to feel restricted or obligated, but she went along as well AND as really great friends do, she let me sample each course.  Love her!

Tomato Soup

"I think this is the best tomato soup I've ever had," she said.  Well, I had to try it after that proclamation.  It was delicious.  Creamy, but fresh tasting at the same time.

Petite Wedge Salad

All of the ingredients were as you would imagine from this photo; bright and crisp where they should be with a combination of textures ranging from smooth to crunchy.  Though I may have pushed aside a few pickled onions (they were delicious), I made sure I ate every speck of the flavorful pork belly. An amazing start.

We talk a lot about our families.  We know each other well enough to be quite familiar with each other's families including parents, children, siblings and spouses.  A luxury to be guarded and protected.

Main courses - 

Ricotta Cavatelli

I knew even before I ordered that I would not be finishing my main course to allow room for dessert and my theory was confirmed once the generous portion was placed on the table.  A hearty dish of veggies including asparagus, peas, mushroom, and pasta in a luscious broth.  The meal was filling and quite flavorful.

My friend participates in boot camps and makes healthy food choices on a regular basis.  For this occasion though, the bacon cheeseburger won.  What's a few extra burpees among friends?

Bacon Cheeseburger Shown Topless 
(Bun removed for photo purposes)

I could not resist stealing a crispy french fry! So delicious.

Our children are in various stages of life with worries ranging from driving to wedding plans.  How did we get here? Where did the time go?  Just yesterday wasn't I learning how to do the Bus Stop (70's style disco line dancing) at her birthday sleep over?  I was skinny, hated my arms and wouldn't change into my pjs in front of anyone.

Dessert time!

Chocolate Covered Bananas!

What seems healthier than chocolate covered fruit for dessert?  

Although the restaurant was relatively quiet when we arrived, it is now humming with all seats filled and the conversation is flowing.  My friend recognizes someone two tables away and at the table next to us.  I always find meeting up with folks we know comforting though I know some who prefer to escape when dining out.

Chocolate and Orange Bundino

The chocolate base is dense, less dense then fudge yet far firmer than pudding.  The orange test is faint and the chocolate is not on the sweet side of the scale - perhaps more semi-sweet to almost bitter, but I am thoroughly enjoying it.  The cream is sweet enough and yes, I fully understand the crispy rice cereal for crunch. Lovely.

Fresh Valley Table magazines 

We enjoy our time together, away from the hustle and bustle of every day life.  We run off to our cars in the rain, share a quick hug and slip back into our routines.  We were Fed Well and I know we will share a meal, stories and some time again.

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