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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Delancey's in Goshen, NY

How do I decide where I will have dinner and which restaurants to write about for Fed Well? Sometimes an opportunity simply presents itself and I have to follow the lead.  I write for a number of community magazines and Delancey's happens to be an advertiser.  Fair enough.  I decided to check it out with the Mr. on a rainy Friday night.

We were immediately greeted by a number of young hostesses.  Delancey's features both a dining room with indoor and outdoor dining which has a view of the Historic Goshen Race Track and a more casual bar/dining room.  Our attire was maybe one step up from jeans so it must have been assumed we wanted the dining room with a view though we were never asked.  

The place was hopping.  Busy, busy, busy.  The dining room was full, the bar area appeared to be full and people were beginning to be turned away.  The rain had caused the deck dining area to be shut down.  We didn't have a reservation, but were told it would be about a 20 minute wait and really, for a Friday night, that's not so awful so we waited.

We watched as a table was brought out of nowhere, then chairs, then place settings.  I wondered if that was magically special or would come with the price of sitting outside of swinging kitchen doors.Somehow, I knew the table was for us.

A few minutes later we were brought to our newly set table with just a bit of clearance to the deck area.  "We had to close the deck," we were told, "so you should be fine here."

We ordered drinks and for me, the bar setting Cosmopolitan.

A nice first impression and though I do not ask for a particular brand of vodka, I can tell after a sip that this is not the brand that will be the cause of a relentless morning after headache.  Perfect.

We decide to share a glorious seafood appetizer; clams, mussels, shrimp and scallops swimming in a mild and delicate red broth.  

We are aware the dining room is filled to capacity by the sheer volume of dinner conversation and laughter. Everyone seems happy and content.  The drizzle has stopped and shades of pink mixed with the gray sky.

Main courses...

Pasta.  Fairly high on my list of food loves. Broccoli rabe and sausage make it a balanced diet, right? The sausage is square and the first tip that it is homemade.  The flavor is unique as well, a bit sweet with a fair amount of fennel.  

For the Mr.:

A molded serving of risotto, a side of vegetables and a lovely shrimp dish.

During our meal, the outdoor dining area was reopened causing guests and staff to repeatedly pass closely by my chair.  We were offered a complimentary dessert for the inconvenience and I selected a brownie with vanilla and chocolate ice creams, whipped cream and a raspberry sauce.  Very decadent and dense.

We appreciate all of the efforts the entire staff made in securing us a table and trying to ensure we had a good experience.  We left feeling Fed Well and wondering where our next food adventure would lead us.

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