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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Lakeview House - Orange Lake, NY

It was a long, cold, harsh, and snow covered winter.  Now, it is full blown summer weather in the Northeast and for the very first time, I was a passenger in a cool convertible as a friend and I headed off on a sunny weekend and went out to lunch.  

Sun shining, breeze blowing, little green sports car and conversation flowing.  

I'd been to The Lakeview House on Orange Lake this past winter during Hudson Valley Restaurant Week and wanted to return and try dining al fresco.  My friend was agreeable and so our lunch trip begins.

We are seated in a shady area and can clearly see the lake.  Once in awhile a boat or jet ski goes by, but mostly all is a bit quiet and peaceful.  We are given regular menus and a list of specials to choose from, but first a cocktail.  A blend of ingredients, one of which was lemonade, with an adult upgrade. Refreshing without the bite of too much alcohol.

Soup. Yes, soup.  While some may think weather dictates the menu, I can always eat soup and this seafood carrot and ginger cup of goodness was well worth breaking the conventional rules of reserving soup for winter.

Shrimp Tacos

Fabulous smoky and vibrant flavors come from the shrimp seasoning then are cooled by the fresh greens and avocado in every bite.  The shells are so filled with ingredients they try to escape out the top and back of the shell while you are eating.  This is a two handed, full concentration needed effort and exactly what I hoped for when I ordered the dish.  Fully satisfying.

Salad with Grilled Chicken

With a selection of dressings, the salad appears to be both a generous portion of veggie and chicken. I'm certain if the contents of the plate were weighed, one might be surprised by the total.

Orange Lake

For whatever reason, I wanted to walk right down to the dock, take my shoes off and swing my feet in the water.  I'm sure this behavior would be frowned upon, but the urge was there.


Again, making a choice that may not seem to fit with the season, I had a lovely cup of cappuccino. Indulgent? Perhaps.  After all, this is a leisurely lunch treat, not a workday where you simply shove food in as fuel to get you through the day.

Creamsicle Pie

Finally, the most memorable course of the meal and one that could arguably be called the most seasonally appropriate, a huge slice of Creamsicle Pie.  Graham cracker crust layered with orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream, topped with whipped cream and orange slice. STOP! It was insane. Delicious, creamy, refreshing and genius.  I've since had food dreams of the Creamsicle Pie.

With full bellies and content with our chat we said farewell to The Lakeview House and left feeling Fed Well.  I am glad to have revisited this local gem and dined outside.

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  1. Great review for a great spot. You could have put your feet in the water!

  2. Great review for a great spot. You could have put your feet in the water!