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Sunday, August 9, 2015

BBQ with Friends

What is the best recipe for a small gathering with friends? A mix of sun and shade, something refreshing to drink, a few good dishes (preferably something easily made in advance so you don't have to be scuttling about and leave your friends either wanting to help or alone while you slave away in the kitchen) and an easy atmosphere. The Mr. and I recently went to a friend's house and experienced the perfect barbecue.

I am not a wine enthusiast.  In fact, this is one culinary area where I suspect I would fail if I were to attend formal training.  I know red wines leave me with a pounding headache and I have a very narrow window of enjoyment between sweet and white wines.  My friend did pour me a nice white and didn't think twice when I asked for just a few ice cubes (I prefer it as cold as possible and if the ice dilutes the flavor, I'm perfectly fine).

The first bites we were given were prepared by the lady of the house; about a pound of bite size venison chunks which were seasoned and quickly grilled thus giving them the nickname, "speedies." Though game meat often has the reputation of being well, gamey.  These were identifiable as venison, but to me, they did not have any negative flavors tagging along.

Stories were told, one by one, and we took turns listening, commenting and enjoying as the time quickly passed and it was time for the main course.

Sausages and kielbasi were grilled by the man of the house while bowls of side dishes he prepared earlier, were passed around the table.

Corn Salad with Cilantro Lime Dressing

The corn salad was by far my favorite dish and though I have requested the recipe just to make sure I don't leave off an ingredient, as of now, I'd have to go by the items I can identify in the photo. Everyone is a little short on time these days and really, who wants to write out a recipe?

Grilled Mixed Veggies

Simply grill up the veggies you like and toss with a little balsamic. I'm sure our host did more seasoning then I am mentioning, but if you can keep the flavors simple, they really do sing on the tongue. This dish was gobbled up.

I brought a bowl of sliced tomatoes with a bit of onion in an Italian style dressing.

We had a wonderful meal on their back deck on a summer Sunday.  Everyone felt content, relaxed and Fed Well.  What could be better?

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