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Monday, August 17, 2015

Guy Fieri's Chophouse - Atlantic City, NJ

Imagine booking an overnight stay in Atlantic City based on the fact that I can eat at Guy Fieri's Chophouse for dinner? Well, that was exactly what happened when the Mr. and I set out for a quick weekend get away last month.  

Making our dinner reservation on-line for Flavor-Town was effortless and I requested a table with a view.  Here's what we saw:
I had checked out the limited menu ahead of time (the full menu is not available every day) as well and pretty much knew what I wanted.  The Mr. needed a little time, but we were both able to find appetizers and main courses (though I had an appetizer as my entree).

Personality on a placemat...

and the menu

To begin -

Fun take on the standard bread and butter 2.0 with a pretzel bun and zippy mustardy alternative to plain old butter.

Lobster Knuckle Chowder

Fabulous.  A word I reserve for truly wonderful events and occurrences, but this soup certainly qualifies.  Creamy, substantial, layers of flavor, mixed textures - all the elements you hear the big food guys talking about, well, they showed up in the chowder.  Crunchy croutons served on the side were a bonus so I could control how much softer they were allowed to become by not letting them bask in the silky soup broth.

Classic Wedge Salad

The Mr. started his meal with this salad and I was going to politely decline sampling it because I am not the enthusiastic fan of bleu cheese that he is and it seemed to be drowning.  However, upon closer inspection and taste, the dressing was indeed pungent, but could easily be moved aside by taking off the top layers of crispy iceberg and leaving them for the Mr.  The star of the plate was that tomato. Meaty and firm, the flesh was ripened perfectly and most importantly, tasted like the tomato you imagine when you think of this summertime favorite.  Indeed, it could be served naked on a plate and diners would line up to have a slice.  Simply perfect.  Thank you to the farmer.

The Mr.'s Main

Shut the front door and have some fries!

Crispy outside, tender and flaky potato that had just been fried to the perfect golden brown.  Oh my.

Pork Belly Slider Appetizer

I had my magical potatoes with the pork belly sliders that are intended to be a starter.  Thanks for letting me break the rules and do what I want.  It really does make me that much happier and helped us both feel Fed Well.

We didn't see or meet Guy.  I'm sure he was busy taping, driving, dining or doing something to keep himself crazy busy, but if you let yourself imagine it, you could hear him telling you what he thought of each dish and narrating the ingredients and steps of preparation. I'll see him next time on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

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