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Monday, August 31, 2015

Paraiso Latino in Pine Bush, NY

Birthdays are fabulous! You get to celebrate being alive another year and without a little luck, you can stretch those celebrations out for a weekend, a week, or more, if you are able to  separately spend time with family and different groups friends.  On this particular Tuesday night, I was honored to spend time with 2 buddies at Paraiso Latino in Pine Bush.

We've all been here a number of times and have enjoyed the buffet as well as ordering from the menu.  We love the current Tuesday night Margarita special and here is our toast (technically honoring my mom, right?) and mine is the one thoroughly rimmed in salt - yum!

Traditional House Margarita's

What to eat? What to eat?  It takes us awhile to decide, but the owner is very patient with us as she checks in and allows us time to think it over.  She also adds she can make tweeks or adjustments to dishes to suit our tastes.  Wow! 

Once we make up our minds, here is what our main courses looked like:

Beef Fajita

Served with:
Side of rice and beans

I was full simply looking at this generous portion of food.  My friend said the beef was tender and enjoyed the fresh green bell peppers and onion.

For me:
Custom Creation Shrimp Bowl

I admit it, sometimes I am spicy shy and so, I was accommodated with the base of a shrimp burrito bowl with some modifications.  I asked that the shrimp really not be seasoned and so they were quickly and simply sauteed allowing them to keep their plumpness as well as juiciness.  The bottom of the bowl was beans, topped with rice, lettuce, tomato, cheese, sour cream and the shrimp were mixed throughout.

My second friend ordered a burrito and while she enjoyed it, unfortunately the photo did not do the meal justice.

The restaurant was pretty busy for a Tuesday night - maybe it's the specials? Maybe it's simply because the food is an excellent example of Tex-Mex? Maybe it's because customers enjoy the combination of home town feel with out of town flavors?  Or option D - all of the above?

We had a great time, a wonderful meal and were Fed Well at Paraiso Latino in Pine Bush!  Happy Birthday to me and Thanks Mom!

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