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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Red Lobster - Middletown, NY

Chain restaurants.  Overall, the Mr. really avoids them as much as possible.  Sometimes I can coax him if I have a coupon because after all, who doesn't love a bargain.  Other times, they are simply really convenient and one of their best features is consistency.  If you like the biscuits in one Red Lobster, you will like them in every Red Lobster (or if you dislike them, you will never change your mind).

Our younger son was able to spend a month studying in London. On the night of his return, he unpacked his bag like Santa Claus, gave us all a small gift, and simply wanted to sleep in his own bed.  The next night, I thought we could catch up with a casual dinner and so Red Lobster was our destination.

My meal began with a Mojito (which may have been made a bit murky with quite a bit of fresh mint) and the previously mentioned biscuit.  I happen to love them - don't judge.

We all had various food options to begin.  For the Mr. a salad and soup.  I had the same New England Clam Chowder and while the flavors are maybe not as bright or clear as those you may experience in a privately owned restaurant in a tiny coastal town, they are solidly good and predictable.

Main Course Mussels for me.  Although this dish is an appetizer, I have learned over the years that most times, the customer is always right and can mix/match things to suit their own appetite and tastes.  The mussels were fairly good and the flavorful liquor and broth remaining in the dish was quite satisfying.

We heard stories about tourist attractions and various foods our son experienced in England.  We simply enjoyed spending some time together after 4 weeks living apart and it felt a bit like dining in a friend's kitchen rather than a formal restaurant's dining room.  Nothing wrong with that.  We felt Fed Well and satisfied in being together.

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