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Monday, August 31, 2015

Suffern Field House

The Suffern Field House simply gives off that small town vibe. You almost expect them to call out, "Norm" when the right customer comes in and take his regular seat.  If you become a regular, I'm sure they quickly learn what you like and make sure you get it as quickly as possible.  They just have that personable feel with their customers.

They also enthusiastically support local sports teams and proudly display a bit of memorabilia throughout the restaurant.  Go team!

About the food...

Made-to-order.  The chains are mastering the art of this culinary craze.  Sub-sandwiches and burrito bowls can be assembled from the bottom up as you list the ingredients you want added.  Why not pizza?  Ok, why not wood fired pizza?

So, on the same premise, you begin with a naked crust.  You can first select your sauce, then cheese and finally from a number of meat and vegetable toppings.  Some are grouped together and given names in case you have a hard time putting items together, but really, anything goes and you are the only one who has to like it and eat it so now is the time to experiment.

For my vegetarian friend:

White pizza with eggplant, ricotta and spinach.  Yum.

For me:

Cheesy goodness that I have to show you more than once!

Fresh mozzarella, not shredded, with a mild as well as sweet marinara and torn basil.  Please, don't simply call it a Margherita pizza. This one is mine.  It was custom selected and ordered by me.

It is nearly impossible to pick up the slice and show you the ooey gooeyness of the cheese, so you will have to believe me when I tell you - it was perfect.  A nice thin crust with a bit of snap and I thought I'd stop after 2 slices.  Then I reevaluated and told myself I would only eat half of the pizza.  I'm a liar
I ate the WHOLE thing for lunch.

If you have room or a dessert stomach or an uncontrollable sweet tooth, you may also opt for a custom made Crazy Cupcake.

I was completely filled with pizza, but maybe one day soon I will make a special trip to try a cupcake.

My friend and I were Fed Well and are sure to return for a wood-fired, custom-made, specialty personal pizza.  It's not just lunch, it's a culinary adventure.

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