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Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Palate Cafe in Pine Bush, NY

Yes, supporting locally owned businesses and restaurants is important to me.  Spending down times with friends over a meal and just catching up or talking over life is also pretty high on my list of priorities.  Love it when the world's collide and we can meet up at a local place for lunch.

Here's the catch, I just found out today that The Palate Cafe in Pine Bush will soon be closing its doors.  I've never written a farewell piece before, but I truly want to wish the owner, Geri, well in whatever her next venture is and hope that someone will come along and turn this space into another local gem.

You still have a little bit of time to try it or go in and wish everyone well.  So, I will simply tell you a little bit about the lunch my friend and I experienced.

For my friend:

A beautiful fresh green salad topped with apples, sliced chicken and bleu cheese.  She enjoyed the flavors and textures of these classic ingredients.

For me:
A take on a turkey club on ciabatta served with both a side salad and a fresh pea salad.  

We had arrived in-between breakfast and lunch so the soup was not quite ready before our sandwiches.  I had asked if we could still have it once it was finished, even if that meant having it after our main course.  I love being accommodated when possible.

I thoroughly enjoyed mu cup of butternut squash soup served with croutons on the side so they are not all soggy before you have your last spoonful.

Yes, we activated our dessert stomachs and found a bit of space to have a few bites (ok, I ate all of mine, don't judge) of something sweet before we left.

For me:

Salted Caramel Apple Pie

For my friend:
Pecan Pie

We chatted, admired the art on the wall by local artist, Roberta Rosenthal and were Fed Well. Farewell to The Palate Cafe.  We will celebrate our paths crossing and sometimes, I will think of you and your passion for combining food with art.

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