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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Cosimo's in Middletown, NY

Do you need fancy surprises to keep the spark alive? Something to keep in mind on your next "date night."

Monday night madness in August.  When your birthday falls on a Monday in the Hudson Valley and you want to go out to dinner to celebrate, well, your options fall quickly.  Add in the fact that I really do not want to drive after an almost hour in the car just to get home from my day job and my selections are really quite limited. However, the Mr. suggested Cosimo's in Middletown and I have been there quite a few times and agreed it would be a nice choice.

Who doesn't love a fully loaded bread basket?  Dipping oil is nice, but sometimes, I will admit I simply long for a nice smear or real, creamy butter.  Old fashioned? Perhaps. I'd like to think of it as classic.
Celebratory Spirits

We started with a heaping platter of salad topped with cured and deliciously salted meats. Carcinogen studies be damned. The cheeses were soft and mellow.  Veggies were crisp and the balsamic drizzle balanced all of the flavors and tied everything together.

It's just the Mr. and I.  Yes, the restaurant has plenty of other diners seated all around us.  But, on this particular evening, it is just the two of us, a date night if you will.  All those headlines in print and on-line about "keeping the spark alive" in your marriage always call out the need for date nights.  Truth is, we've been married since 1987, have lived through ups and downs and are well aware of the importance of spending some time together.  In my opinion, "keeping the spark alive" comes from far more than just date night. It comes from a thoughtful place that may sometimes require a bit of thinking, planning and concern for your partner.  Asking how their day was, about something they are interested in or even current events.  A few of my greatest fears include evolving into those sterero-typical people at a table with NOTHING TO SAY. No, thank you.  I'm not saying we don't share comfortable silence at times (I don't want to make his ears bleed), but I enjoy the conversations we share.

Back to the meal...

For the Mr. - chicken - are you surprised?

For me - PASTA - again, no surprise.

Want to know a secret? The spark is always there.  The trick is in determining how much to fan the flame without blowing it out and no fire should ever be left unattended.

As far as the dinner, we enjoyed a nice meal and honored the tradition of celebrating my birthday. I officially feel I have entered the on-ramp for 50 with the two year countdown in place.  Thank you Mr. for a lovely evening as well as every day making the decision to stay together and be Fed Well.

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