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Friday, February 12, 2016

Steak Tacos - Blue Apron Week 1

Gift giving can be tough.  Period.

Some people make it look effortless.  Receiving a thoughtful gift, one that you hadn't even known you wanted, really makes you rethink how you decide what to give others.

I received a subscription to Blue Apron as a Christmas gift from my boss and his wife (the card was signed from the whole family, but let's just imagine the children had little influence on this fabulous choice).

Yes, you will see posts about the ingredients, recipes, and results of the meals prepared from Blue Apron.  However, I also really just want to marinade in (see what I did there) the thought process that goes into selecting a memorable, and appropriate gift for someone. I will slow down, not panic, and take just a few minutes to really think about the recipient on the next occasion I am the gift giver rather than choosing something that is easy or trendy.

On an otherwise ordinary Thursday, I arrived home from work to find the first delivery box on the porch.  Here's what most of the prepared ingredients for steak tacos looked like:

sliced avocado, sliced radishes, chopped cilantro, diced tomatillo and quartered lime

All of the ingredients arrived fresh, without bruising, blemishes or brown edges.  I was quite happy with their appearance.

Toasting Pepitas
(in my scratched non-stick pan)

A well seasoned steak

Tomatillos cooking down

A pan of steaming, seasoned goodness used to top the tacos

A view of a completed taco

So simple to prepare following the step-by-step instructions.  No measuring is necessary and here are my initial thoughts about why everyone should try this service at least once in their life:

1.  No thinking or worrying about what is for dinner.
2.  No wondering if you have all of the necessary ingredients.  You will need olive oil, salt & pepper.
3.  It is likely that you will either try a new food or new combination of ingredients with each box. I've eaten, but never prepared, tomatillos before and maybe I would not have been likely to slice radish on my steak taco if left to my own devices. And, honestly, I've never toasted a pepita (pumpkin seeds) in my life.

What was going on the night we enjoyed these steak tacos?  Well, it was Super Bowl Sunday. In fact, Lady Gaga had just completed her memorable performance of the National Anthem when we sat together in front of the television to watch the big game. We planned on being Fed Well, but how lucky we felt when indulging in our steak tacos.

I watched most of the first quarter before moving on to prepare the next meal from the first delivery box. You'll have to watch for the next Fed Well post to read all about it.

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  1. Great post! I've been thinking about trying them. I'm happy to hear it will be a good choice. ~M