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Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Borland Inn & Brunch House - Montgomery, NY

Fall and Hudson Valley Restaurant Week 2016.  A wonderful time of the year.  For the first time, I am able to go to a local restaurant and enjoy brunch for Restaurant Week - an exceptional treat.

I invited my sister to check out The Borland House on Clinton Street in Montgomery on a beautiful Saturday morning.

I love the curbside appeal.  The small menu board is unobtrusive, yet informative and the Hudson Valley Restaurant Week menu is available to peruse before passing through the gate.

Visitors do not have to be guests of the Inn to patronize the dining room.  You will be immediately and warmly welcomed at the door. A musician was preparing to play the piano when I arrived a few minutes ahead of my sister.    

I have to say, both the regular and special menu offered quite an array of choices. I finally made a decision as my sister joined me and first requested black tea.

I truly appreciate the presentation.  The pot was enough for two regular size mugs or to fill this lovely oversized mug as well as a bit to warm it up after I drank about half.

My sister and I had the same exact first and second courses.  We started with the turnip and tomato soup.  The body of the soup was creamy, but bore absolutely no resemblance to the condensed red label soup memories you may have from childhood.  Additionally, I don't know about yours, but my mother never topped mine with a flavorful gremolata.  We made appropriate and continuous mmmmm noises though while we emptied our bowls.

Next, another play on childhood lunch with grilled cheese. However, in this mature version, we enjoyed the crunchy bite of pear, the ooey-gooey stretchy gouda, crispy bacon and a firmly toasted bread.  The perfect bite silenced us as we simply enjoyed our sandwich.

The final course is where we took our own paths.  For my sister, the apple crisp:

While I delighted in the presentation and flavors of the ricotta donuts rolled in sugar:

We not only enjoyed every bite of our meal, but were also very well attended to by our lovely server, appreciated the musical talent of the lovely lady playing the piano and were personally greeted by both the owner and manager during our meal.  Conversations about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday brought feelings of warmth and the comforts of family.

We were Fed Well and I will surely return for more at The Borland House.

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