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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Clemson Bros. Brewery - Middletown, NY

A little holiday shopping with the Mr. after work means we are out and about at dinner time.

"Do you want to go out for dinner?"
"Ok, where do you want to go?"

And we silently run through the choices, the places we would rather not go but will if the other suggests, the chains, the diners, before I offer up two suggestions; one of them Clemson Bros. Brewery in Middletown.

Hmmmm, something different and nearby.

How often is the Head Chef listed on the menu? Maybe I haven't been paying attention, but I love this detail.

I didn't take a photo of the back of the drink menu, but that is where I found the option for the Whiskey Sour in the photograph below.

The Orange County Distillery Rye Whiskey is featured in the cocktail and I must admit, it was so smooth I worried I would want a second.

Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza

The only recognizable driving element to this dinner choice from the Mr. is the chicken.  It is quite out of the box for him, but it made my happy heart flutter to see him try something different.  I had a few bites and thoroughly enjoyed the flavors and textures; crispy crust, lush creaminess, salty bacon and tender chicken.  Yum.

For me, the Brie Burger with Truffle Fries.  

I want to explain to you how utterly perfect those fries were prepared but wordsmithing may not be enough.  You really should go and taste them for yourself.  They are expertly prepared with a tender center, crispy skin and seasoned with precise levels of oil, parmesan, salt and a bit of parsley.  I bet you finish them.

I also enjoyed the Soup du Jour which was a creamy potato with cauliflower.  I did not photograph it, but we were joined by our younger son who had the Stouty French Soup.

More than picture perfect, it was satisfying, tasty and perfect for a December night.

I used to joke that I should include photographs from the rest room when I visit a restaurant becasue it really is an important aspect of our dining experience.  When I see a Ladies Room that makes me want to put on gloves and boots before entering I never want to return to the restaurant and probably would never recommend it.

However, when the Mr. used the Men's Room, he actually returned to the table and told me I had to bring my phone with me to the Ladies Room - just for the sink.


While we ate and talked about the upcoming holiday a well attended "Craft & Draft" ornament painting session was being held in a side dining room.  Clemson Bros. Brewery not only looks hip, the food was great, the atmosphere was laid-back fun and appealing.  I worried we wouldn't fit in with the Millenials, but that's the thing, Millenials don't judge.  

We were Fed Well and are likely to return.

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