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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Gaby's Cafe in Ellenville, NY

For years, if you asked me what my favorite foods were the answer would somehow include pasta and seafood.  Mexican food wasn't even in my top ten because my only experience was home made tacos that included the use of a cardboard yellow box kit.  Nothing wrong with that - I've made that meal countless times for my only family, but the point is, I had no real experience with Mexican food and a bunch of preconceived and false notions that it would be too spicy.  Period. Spicy. Avoid.

Over the last ten years, Mexican food, in general, has moved right up to the top five favorites.  I even have a few Mexican restaurants that I like and use as benchmarks (I won't mention them here because that's not the point) and Gaby's Cafe has been recommended to me countless times, so here we are at Gaby's. The dining room is full, almost to capacity, and we are greeted then seated quite quickly.

It really is mandatory to begin with guacamole.  My preference is for fresh, tableside preparations, and least desirable is something that seems like it was covered and refrigerated for an undetermined amount of time.

Looks pretty darn good, doesn't it? Freshly green, cilantro, tomato, creamy goodness and a full basket of chips.  Ah.

The decor is eclectic fun and the light fixtures include tequila bottles as shades over the bulbs.  

I do not normally order soup at a Mexican restaurant, in fact, I only did it one other time, but this winter night was cold and I simply craved the warmth I knew it would bring.  It was a chicken soup with fresh herbs and I was happily surprised.

I was also craving pork. Although for some reason I imagined it to look different, the taste I wanted was there alongside a healthy serving size of rice, and beans.

My younger son enjoyed classic steak tacos.

The Mr. stretched and flexed out of his regular comfort zone and ordered this giant burrito.  He was pleased with the results and ate every bite.

We watch families celebrate birthdays and special occasions, date night couples and groups that could be friends or relatives, but the common theme is everyone truly seems to be enjoying themselves and their food.  The service was quick and efficient without feeling rushed and the restroom was clean (I feel this is so important, but not always commented on).

Gaby's Cafe provided us with a nice break from our regular routine and though it is a bit out of the way for us geographically, I'll be sure to make the effort to be Fed Well.

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