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Friday, June 9, 2017

The Hoot Owl Restaurant in Pine Bush

Many locals are more than familiar with the location of the Hoot Owl or "The Hoot," but for those who are not, it is located at 26 Awosting Road outside of Pine Bush.  Some may have known it as a dive bar, but now it has had a remodel, redo and updating that made me very curious.  So, I grabbed one of my best friends and made the quick trip to take look, have a taste and see if I would be Fed Well.

It was easy to meet owner, Arif Khan, as he was working the front of the house and waiting on tables. Once I introduced myself and my friend, I asked if he could decide what I would eat, and so it begins...

Notice that purple hummus? How could you not? Well, it was just as appealing in taste as it is in appearance.  The beet taste was mildly sweet, the consistency lush and smooth.  The naan (I may be wrong as it is listed as pita on the menu) was pillowy inside with a few crisp edges to hold the weight of the hummus.  Garlic was the middle flavor and romesco (red pepper) round out the offerings.  A perfect sized appetizer for two to share and I made quite certain I had my share.  In fact, I would go back just for this starter.

I love olives.  All colors.  Pits, no pits, in my Tito's martini, on a plate, in a bowl, I like them here and I like them there. You get the idea.  Well, fried olives? I've never. Loved it. Another welcome food surprise.


For those who either simply prefer a burger, or are not familiar with some of the Indian menu offerings, a loaded cheeseburger with home-made fries is the answer (along with other available options).

For me, the Creamy Chicken Curry or Murgh Makhami, with rice and yogurt sauce, was warmly seasoned and so satisfying.  The chicken was tender, the rice was appropriately firm and the cucumber yogurt provided that bit of refreshing coolness when needed.  If I had more pita, I probably would have sopped up more of the sauce from my dinner.

Dessert? Yes, of course.

A wonderful sweet treat for one or for us, it was lovely to share - flourless chocolate cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

If you remember The Hoot, this is not simply a new version of the old bar.  So, go and enjoy The Hoot Owl Restaurant and be Fed Well.  We ran into several people we know so don't be surprised to see friends and neighbors at the next table.

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