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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Local Table and Tap

Summer time and I want to eat outside, preferably with water in view.  Well, a few days ago I went with my family to The Local Table and Tap and though we could not be seated outdoors, we were able to have a casual meal at a new-to-us place.  The dining room was quite crowded and the blackboard specials included beers and an entree which was erased while we were seated (I assume they sold out).

Here's what we had:

A tasty hummus appetizer to share.  The pita was warm and pillowy, the hummus tastefully seasoned and we also enjoyed the artichoke, cucumbers and olives.

Two of us ordered appetizers as entrees and all of our main choices are below:

The buratta with grilled bread, arugula and fruit mustarda

Pierogies: potato and cheese pierogie, garlic kielbasa, caramelized onion, dijon sour cream sauce

This was not my dinner, but I was allowed to sample a bit and it was wonderful - great textures and flavors.

Lettuce Wraps: chilled gulf shrimp, toasted peanuts, Thai chili vinaigrette

I loved this! After having the hummus, it was a nice follow-up.  The lettuce was fresh, the shrimp had the right amount of firmness and the sauce was just slightly zippy.  I barely used the crispy noodles, but it was a nice touch.

Fish and Chips: ale battered haddock, hand cut fries, horseradish slaw, dill remoulade 

The Mr. went a bit out of his comfort zone and tried the fish and chips.  It was a pleasant version of a pub standard.

Chicken Campanelli: grilled chicken, oven-roasted plum tomato, garlic, spinach, organic pasta, Pecorino cheese

Although I did not try this dish, it looked exactly as I imagined it would according to the menu description.

I also enjoyed a "Whiskey Daisy" cocktail which was: Buffalo Trace Whiskey, lemon, Grand Marnier, simple syrup.

I'd love to return and be able to enjoy dining on the deck to truly get a feel for the whole experience. Overall, I felt Fed Well enough to go back - perhaps for a fun night with friends. I am sure this place is packed for concert nights at Bethel Woods.  Make a reservation and check it out.

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