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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week Launch Spring 2018

On the evening of March 6, Restaurant X & Bully Boy Bar was the place to be for the Valley Table launch of Hudson Valley Restaurant Week for spring 2018.

Menus and flowers could be found throughout the event space.  The flowers were also found on the serving trays and platters and reminded attendees that spring is indeed on the way despite the Nor'easter in the forecast.

The dish below was my first taste of restaurant week.  Of course this is not something one will simply find in Mom's kitchen (depending on who your mother is) and I loved it! The mix of textures, the roe with the smooth, soft, cauliflower felt like a lush and decadent treat.

Trout Roe with Cauliflower Fondant

While walking around and meeting the vendors, members of the Advisory Board, restaurant owners and chefs are also mingling.  Ironically, as I tried the mushroom ravioli, I met Nick Citera, owner of the Cosimo's Restaurant Group.  I expressed my love for Cosimo's in Middletown and he shared a brief glimpse of his newest venture which should be arriving on the Newburgh waterfront in the not too distant future.

Wild Mushroom Ravioli with Port Glaze, Truffle & Grated Amoretti

These lovely little cups held the most delicious blend of sweet lobster in a sumptuous broth topped with a whisper of foam.  While most would probably opt to simply sip from the cup, I carefully spooned each morsel to my lips to make the dish last longer, allowing me to enjoy the flavors for a few extra seconds, while ensuring I do not end up with a foam mustache.

Lobster Cappuccino with Mascarpone Foam

And then, the food delights arrived in quick succession and I wanted to try everything...I may have stopped taking photos and simply paused to enjoy each flavorful bite.

Crispy Tuna Roll with Sweet Soy

The Vendors & More

A nicely chilled shot of a very smooth vodka with an olive was just enough to make me want to know more about the brand and how I can buy this product for home.

 I sampled the amazing offerings of various cheeses from 5Spoke Creamery in nearby Goshen.

Among the many beverage purveyors was a non-alcoholic and TASTY option from Tost Beverages

I avoid using the word "tasty" to describe anything because really, what does it describe? An intensity? However, the Tost all natural, dry, sparkling beverage, was full of flavors and yes, I was instantly aware of the snap of the ginger, and it danced across my tongue with delicious bubbles.  What a lovely alternative to alcohol.  Or, I have to say, I wondered how it would work as a "mixer" as well.

And so for me, the Hudson Valley Restaurant Week launch for spring 2018 was complete.  Click here for the list of participating restaurants.

I'll see you at the table and I look forward to being Fed Well.

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