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Friday, March 16, 2018

HVRW at Fin & Brew in Peekskill

Ah, spring in the Hudson Valley - even better, spring in the Hudson Valley for Restaurant Week on the Hudson River at Fin & Brew at Charles Point Marina in Peekskill with like-minded food bloggers and Valley Table magazine.

I was the only one who had previously eaten at Fin & Brew, so I was aware of the second floor location.  However, the other members of our group commented it was a bit confusing to find the restaurant.

The view is absolutely gorgeous.  A cell phone photo on a gray March day simply do not do this any justice, but imagine how amazing the sky will be on a clear summer evening, as the sun begins to dip behind the mountain.  Lovely.

A special Restaurant Week menu with specialty cocktails (with quite catchy names).

I did ask the story behind the "What About Todd" and it is their version of a Hot Toddy.  Clever.

John Sharp, one of the owners, was able to stop by our table and welcome us to the restaurant.  The group asked a few questions about the future vision of the space and we were told more additions will be coming, likely over the summer, so stay tuned.

Paper Plane


I enjoyed the Glinda with prosecco, white rum, white cranberry juice and sage simply syrup.  It was light and allowed me to enjoy my meal without any sugary overkill.


We are a group who are quite passionate about the local food scene and it was an absolute pleasure to dine with others who are enthusiastic about taking photos of their food, share their favorite local restaurants and experiences.  Fabulous!

The Bread Basket

I share this image with you because my darling Mr. is always sadly disappointed when a restaurant no longer offers bread.  This one also had the creamiest butter.  Something about simple.

Mussels next to New England Clam Chowder

I enjoyed the chowder so much! I am a soup lover to begin with, but this version was wonderful.  The creamy, satiny broth; fresh clams; salty, crispy bacon; tender potatoes and herbs all came together to harmonize in each spoonful.


I have previously enjoyed the octopus and Fin & Brew so I went with the chowder.  However, it was very tempting to revisit what you know you loved - as well as not ask your new acquaintance for a bite.


Many of us oogled over the fried chicken and from what we were told - it was everything you could hope for with crispy skin, tender meat, a delicious biscuit. Mmmm.  When was the last time you had real fried chicken?

Personally, I loved the switch up in the menu.  Sometimes, restaurants participating in Restaurant Week select a menu for the event and repeat it each year.  It is refreshing to see something quite unexpected.

Shellfish Garganelli

This was my entree and I can't stop thinking about it.  Yes, I ate it all and yes, every aspect of it was perfect.  For me, it was exactly the right amount of beautifully seasoned sauce, the breadcrumbs were crispy toasty, the seafood was tender, and the pasta (a new shape for me) was a lovely al dente.  So happy with my choice.  I have previously had a great steak here and most of my co-diners ordered the cod, which also received great reviews.

Jane's Ice Cream

I do not know who Jane is, but thank you for this lush, creamy dessert.  Bourbon barrel maple syrup and peanuts over the smoothest vanilla ice cream was a lovely finish.  I was lucky to taste a bite of the cheesecake which was another wonderful option!

We went around the table and shared a bit about our own local, favorite restaurants - great idea as we all live in different areas. 

After our meal we were given a tour of the space and many positive comments were made regarding the design choices from the original brick to light fixtures and artwork.

It was a bonus to make new connections and I left feeling content and Fed Well.

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