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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Chicken Soup for the Reconciliation Soul at Goshen Diner

All relationships have their ups and downs.  Some have higher highs, some have lower lows and we are faced with decisions about staying or going.  Can pain and hurt be forgotten, forgiven, worked through?  Should they be or is sometimes walking away the most gentle, humane and kindest answer?

After about 3 months apart, a reconciliation is being considered and with it are thousands of feelings in various degrees.  How do you take baby steps with someone you have had a relationship with for oh, thirty years or so?

Well, you start at a diner.

First step, tea and coffee at the Quickway Diner for a talk that lasts about 2 hours.

Second step, tea, coffee and chicken soup at the Goshen Diner and a walk on the Heritage Trail.  You talk, you listen, you think and then you go home alone to think some more.

You think some more.  You feel a lot.

Chicken soup really does have magical powers for the mind and soul. 

You decide if you will remember being hungry or being Fed Well.  You wonder if you will both choose to be Fed Well together.

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