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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Chocolate Drizzled Strawberries

A million years ago, when I was a teenage baby sitter, I was hired to watch over twin boys.  I had never met the family before but was recommended by a dear friend and so I was hired over the phone.  (Can you even imagine this practice today, being asked to watch someones children when they have never even met you?)

The boys were fine and once they went to sleep in their bunk beds I was quickly bored and wanted a snack to fill the time.  I had no idea I was in a "healthy house."


How could this be?  I felt I was on a quest.  Opening kitchen cabinets.  Moving things around on the pantry shelves.  Rechecking the refrigerator.  No chips.  No sugar.  No cookies.  Nothing.

Ah, but unopened bag of chocolate chips.  Of course they were destined for a wholesome batch of home baked cookies, but would they miss a few chips in a desperate situation?  I paced.  I worried.  I tried to wait it out.

Exactly 30 minutes later I cut the bag open and poured out a handful.  I was a fiend.  I had ruined the ratio of chocolate chips to cookie dough but I was calmer.  I confessed my crime when the parents arrived, right after I explained how their one son bumped his head on the wooden bunk bed but seemed fine.  I was paid and brought home - I was never invited back.  I wonder, was it the injury or the snacking?

I was reminded of this experience when I was recently hit by a tsunami size chocolate craving.  It doesn't happen often, but when it does, chocolate is the only thing that will help.  I rummaged through my stock and couldn't find a single morsel until I thought a bit more creatively.

I did have strawberries....

I did have Hershey's chocolate syrup...

and so a substitution was made for chocolate covered to chocolate drizzled strawberries. 

The insane and desperate feelings dissipated as I swirled the sliced red fruit around in the pool of chocolate.  I felt like a lady in control instead of a maniac needing a fix.

Chocolate can be a powerful drug and to feel Fed Well one must sometimes be a bit creative to satisfy the inner junkie.

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