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Monday, October 29, 2012

Hunker Down for Hurricane Sandy

In the face of the arrival of Hurricane Sandy I prepare.  As with the time of arrival of any guest nearing, I start to really step into high gear.  Yes, I have grocery shopped, have buckets of water for toilet flushing in the bathroom, gas for the generator, candles at the ready and just took a shower.  The cell phone is charging, so is the lap top.  The patio furniture has been put away and the Weather Channel is on in the background. 

My place of employment is closed, my husband works for a business that never sleeps and though we may feel otherwise, the safety of inmates and staff require him to be at work.  Our older son works for a private college and is likely ensuring the grounds are as well tended as possible for Sandy makes landfall.  

However, my younger son is also at work.  He works in retail.  He works at the only mall in the area.  My doctor's office called to reschedule my appointment for later today (nothing wrong, just a routine physical) but the mall, well, that remains open.  

PLEASE do not support mass retail by shopping during a weather event.  PLEASE support the safety of retail employees by staying home and if you must shop, go online.

Back to preparing for Sandy...I first peeked into the refrigerator.

All of those white rectangular dishes are left-overs.  Excess parts of dinners and meals, sort of like the unwanted children's gifts on the Island of Misfit Toys...


What to do?  Inventory the canned goods too...

The stove/oven are electric.  Bake some potatoes that will then be scooped of their guts, mixed with cheese and re-baked.  Strip down and chop up chicken to create:

  a fabulous chicken salad and

a wonderful chicken noodle soup in my magical red pot.

A bit of rain has begun.  The wind quiets then gusts.  Leaves swirling and I worry for the safety of my family, my friends and neighbors, first responders and honestly, can't wait for Sandy to leave before she has even arrived.  Stay safe and Fed Well.

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