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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ken's Superior Apple Crisp

Cooking, birthdays, cake and pie - all of these things came to mind when my older son decided after a trip to an orchard with his girlfriend that he would be baking his first apple crisp.  I have to really resist all temptation to join them in the kitchen as they laugh and prepare their treat.

I remember baking a customize apple pie for his birthday a few years ago - you can read more about the adventure here:

The couple begin their baking journey by prepping the apples.  For some reason I think it is funny that my son uses my Pampered Chef Apple Corer/Slicer.

They found the recipe in her mom's Pillsbury Cookbook and the funny thing is, I have the same one but have never attempted an apple crisp.  I love to cook, hesitate to bake other than apple pie and holiday cookies.

Bottom line, my son and his firlfriend baked a superior apple crisp which we topped with vanilla bean ice cream - dessert heaven.

The experience was so positive, I thought I could surely duplicate it with all of the remaining apples from their orchard trip.  Well, I followed the same recipe, but sadly mine was in no way as wonderful as theirs and I am confident enough to admit it. In fact, they have made a second crisp and I am proud to say the other was not simply beginner's luck.
 Recognizing wonderful food prepared by others is a first step in knowing when one is Fed Well.

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