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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Lobster Pier

A birthday dinner with my estranged husband, his mother and our sons.  Of course seafood is the answer for us.  

We have been spending time together but are in a kind of relationship-no-mans-land.  We are unsure of what our comfort zone is but we seem to want to be together.  How do you celebrate something as simple as a birthday?  Well, I put together a goody bag gift including his fav cookies, coffee, candies, a magazine, and a few small items found in the local grocery store.  Personal without being overwhelming.

At the restaurant we know the salad bar will have something for everyone from peel your own shrimp to traditional salad components.  Unfortunately we found the iceberg lettuce to be quite brown. The bruschetta was zesty and full of flavor.  Additionally, two family members were not at all disappointed by the Manhattan Clam Chowder.

The Mr. enjoys crab and since it is not soft shell season, he switches over to my side and we each have the New England Shore Dinner special which includes a split lobster, clams, mussels, corn on the cob and potato.

Funny enough, when it came time for our plates to be cleared, the Mr. and I both left our boiled potatoes untouched but had pretty much cleaned our plates of everything else.  It was sweet, succulent, fresh, and simply fabulous.

One son ordered the Sea Food Possillippo and while the phone on my camera really does not offer a great representation, I can assure you it was enough food for a hungry 19 year old to have 2 meals, weighed a ton and the discarded shells quickly filled a bowl on the table.

Our sons left before dessert, but when the birthday celebrant order the deep fried cheesecake, his mother and I sang a quick and hushed version of "Happy Birthday to You."  The dessert was unlike any I'd ever had and though it was a generous portion, I only had maybe 2 forkfuls because I was absolutely stuffed to the gills.

3 dates in a row.  What does it mean?

One thing I know for sure, I have been literally Fed Well for the last 3 days and am quite spoiled by not having to prepare my own food.  On the other hand, I miss my kitchen, cooking and sharing meals with the ones I care about...all of them.

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