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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Monday Mother-in-Law Meatloaf with Mashed

Many people can agree on a short list of comfort foods and a common dish among them is likely to be meatloaf.  I also know many people look forward to having a left over slice on a sandwich but I even have an alternative for any remaining meatloaf.

My mother-in-law was the first to teach me that you can "stuff" a meatloaf by simply dividing the meat mixture in half, placing one half in the shape of a loaf or in a pan then adding the "stuffing" - in this case a fine mozzarella cheese then cover with the remaining half of the meat mixture.   Woah.  Really, what could be better or easier?  The loaf may be topped with tomato sauce if desired.  But think about it, you can adapt this technique to any combination of fillings and toppings and that is the beauty of cooking.  Once your eyes are opened to an alternative preparation, your own creativity can kick in and customizing begins.

To compliment this particular Monday Night Meatloaf, simple fresh green beans with a little olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper.

I know my mother-in-law would not have appreciated the crispy finish we prefer.  In fact, we joke that she would have likely sent the beans back for more cooking and softening if she received them in a diner or restaurant.

Although the tomato sauce would compliment the cheesy goodness of the meatloaf, I do prepare a quick Knorr brown gravy to go with, what else...

Yukon Gold mashed potatoes.  Yes, also a bit of garlic and the photo of the masher is to verify the authenticity of the freshly mashed potatoes!

Plated - it may not be fancy but it is the kind of meal that feels like it hugs you.  It is culinary assurance that yes, everything is going to be alright and tomorrow the sun will rise again.

After all, we need tomorrow to enjoy the leftovers.  About that, take one slice of meatloaf per person on Tuesday (or Wednesday if you need a break) and cube it in individual dishes, cover with another layer of cheese and sauce, heat and serve with pasta.  Yummy and the additional layer of comfort food will leave you feeling Fed Well!

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