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Monday, October 8, 2012

Perkins for Girl Talk

A few years ago, I decided with a few "ladyfriends" the best time to get together and talk it over may very well be Sunday breakfast/brunch.  No men, no kids, nothing but us and our conversation.  We rotate through a cycle of locations including local diners and Perkins.  I love the breakfast potatoes at Perkins, but sometimes the crowd forces us to end our time together a bit sooner than we may be ready. 

This visit was timed perfectly and we were left alone for quite some time in a booth out of the way of traffic.

I look forward to these times and whether it is my hyper-type A personality or simply an organized mind that needs to clear away the clutter and chaos of small decision, I have already decided what I will order.

Perhaps I will leave the reveal until the end.  For readers who know me fairly well, it should be easy to see which order is mine.  

Is it the eggy, yet crisp French Toast...

 with a side of sausages,


or the tomato and mozzarella omelet (which is not on the menu, but an attentive server checked with the kitchen and though the mozzarella is designated for sandwiches, they can certainly cook it on the eggs) with breakfast potatoes and a side of fruit?

We talk the way women do, about life, love, family, vacations, work, the Steelers and the Jets.  I know, you are probably very surprised to hear we discuss work, but sometimes women simply have to share and get it off their chests, woman to woman.

A coffee refill, an order of orange juice, a few laughs and surprises, we really talk it all over. 

Yes, it was I who ordered the custom cheese omelet.  I have this thing for tomatoes & mozzarella as well as eggs and potatoes - so to enjoy 2 of my favorite pairings is a treat for the mind and palette.  Sharing this time with a pair of wonderful ladies keeps me feeling Fed Well.

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