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Monday, October 22, 2012

Participating in Hudson Valley Restaurant Week allows me to dine in places I normally wouldn't, sample new foods and shamelessly take photos of the experience.  

A few months ago, as a result of being a past Hudson Valley Restaurant week blogger, I won a gift certificate to Polpettina in Eastchester and finally made the journey to check it out.

Not used to limited parking, we did drive around the block before finding a spot on a side street, but after quite a car ride we were more than fine walking a bit to the restaurant.

We were greeted as soon as we cleared the door in a friendly and casual manner that made sitting at the bar/counter perfectly fine. The Mr. immediately orders a soda, but I need a few minutes to decide.  

When his soda was brought over, we both talked about how we love the glass bottle Coke for nostalgic reasons.  Remembering the old soda machines with a glass door that opened and a spot to remove bottle caps on the side.

Although I am not really a beer drinker I am fascinated by the draft pour in front of us.

I also love the window behind us.  Something about this place, some level of indescribable comfort and cool.

To my left is a soda and beer display that while was likely intended to be practical is also visually pleasing.

I finally decide on a glass of Pinot Grigio and the little glasses are cute and lend themselves to a feeling of authenticity.  I am thinking of Godfather and Goodfellas sitting at little cafe tables drinking wine from "jelly" glasses.

Though we know we are not going to order pizza I admire the condiment bowls.

We are asked if this is our first visit to Polpettina and when we confess our newness, almost the entire menu is explained to us.  Polpettina we are told means "little meatballs" and though we learn they are the specialty of the house we decide on the clams and mussels to start and are not disappointed in any way.

The order arrives with a basket of bread and we are each given a dish to serve ourselves from the generous bowl of steaming fish.  It is so ridiculously good I forget to be insulted when I was told that pasta e fagioli is a soup (I wondered if I looked like I'd just landed here from another planet - who doesn't know what pasta e fagioli is????)

The remaining sauce and goodies from the clams and mussels were sopped up with the bread.  And though my husband was a little put off by the fries arriving ahead of the sandwich, I was quite happy to dip some of the truffle fries into the pool of seafood liquor.

The fries, by the way, were absolutely perfect.  Crisp.  Flavorful.  And the little tin was Parmesan cheese on the side - I just can't get into Parmesan - sorry.

His chicken sandwich was divine.  Pesto, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and tender chicken on a fresh baked roll with those amazing truffle fries...what more could one person ask for in a dinner?

By the way, another couple sat on my husband's right and I never heard them speak a single word.  Was the food that good?  Did they really run out of things to say to each other?  They seemed about our age maybe a little older so anywhere from 45 - 55.  Dinner conversation is too important to me - even if it is about the food, the restaurant, the weather - I have to keep talking.

My dinner was a heaping plate of pappardelle (according to Wikipedia the translation is "to gobble up" which I promptly did) pasta with a robust and hearty Bolognese sauce with beef, veal and pork.  

If I could have pasta 4 - 5 times per week I would be in heaven.  What is it about carbs that truly make me feel warm and fuzzy inside?

It was our first official date in a long time.  We are finding our way back from a few months separation and hoping to rebuild a bit better, a bit stronger, sort of the $6 million dollar marriage if you will.  Well, a toast to couples everywhere who are staying in, growing strong and deciding to feel Fed Well together.

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