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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Switching it up: Two Tacos

In my house, teasing and sarcasm are our second and third languages.  Sometimes it works.  Sometimes it can be painful.  Additionally, my older son has an incredible memory an detail is ever forgotten.

A number of years ago my husband took our sons to Taco Bell for drive thru.  This is not a post about nutritional value, but honest stories about food and the people who are eating it, and so fast food does exist in our world.

When ordering, my husband decided he wanted 2 tacos and in his enthusiasm held up his index and middle fingers to indicate exactly how many tacos he wanted - my sons still laugh about this because to them it was and is hysterical that anyone would offer a visual cue to the drive thru speaker.

Their father hates this story but ironically used to love telling the story of his mother's first experience ordering at Burger King.  She walked right up to the counter and asked for a "whooper" (pronounced like the malted chocolate candy) instead of a Whopper.  Notice a pattern?

Anyway, I also fall into the trap of being stuck on one particular menu item for awhile similar to wearing favorite jeans or repeatedly listening to a favorite song.  Recently, I broke out of the norm and ordered 2 tacos.  Now you can understand why for me, it was quite amusing.

Tacos courtesy of Hacienda De Don Manuel

Laughter and humor also keep me Fed Well.

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