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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Veggie Lo Mein with Fettuccine Noodles?

The cafeteria at work like any other food preparation establishment has good days and bad, popular selections and duds, and every once in awhile will try an experimental dish to see where it falls.  

Our chef claims to take suggestions but I'm a bit skeptical in believing he really reads or attempts all of them.  However, when the vegetarians speak, someone tends to listen and so to answer one of their requests he formulated vegetable lo mein and so we gave it a try.

It smelled very much like soy sauce and certainly tasted of it but the "lo mein" was actually fettuccine.  An acceptable substitute in this situation.  The vegetables were fairly fresh and included carrots, celery, broccoli, peppers and I think a trace of onion and mushrooms.  I was worried they were going to look like they came right out of the containers for the salad bar but they appeared freshly chopped.

Lunch conversation topics?  Celebrity gossip of course!  Is Jessica Biel boring?  Can you name a Jessica Biel movie that you have seen and enjoyed?  We came up with "The Illusionist," but I had forgotten she was in it so I'm not sure it counts.  Is 6.5 million dollars as a wedding budget in Italy a bit excessive?  And clearly, my friend's camera phone is far better than my CrackBerry's.

Overall, switching it up once in awhile helps keep you Fed Well!

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