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Friday, October 12, 2012

Villa Borghese Wedding Dinner

The perfect cocktail hour, for me, is really a blend of elements from buffet foods, plated foods, tables with chairs, a selection of drinks, space and loved ones.  A family wedding at Villa Borghese offered all of the above.  I sat near or with some of the most important people in my life and we talked about the foods we selected and ate.  Loved the Italian sliced meats, cheeses, and a number of the passed hot hoers deouvres from cocktail wienies to one of my favorites, a plate of jumbo shrimp cocktail for those of us at the table to share.  To drink - a crisp, clean, vodka with 7 up.

Many hugs and kisses.  Families reuniting and those who thought my husband and I had called it quits were celebrating our prospective reunion.  We are quiet and reserved as we continue our journey.

The cocktail hour ends and we move to one of the ball rooms.  The bridal party makes a stunning and entertaining entrance with Tebow poses, the switching of attire by a bridesmaid and usher, and other hilarious wedding day tricks.  The first dance, the maid of honor toast and the light hearted toast from the best man.  Grace was given by a dear Aunt and the next round of eating and celebrating begins.

I thoroughly enjoyed the penne's sauce, but thought perhaps the pasta was a bit too firm for my taste.

A salad came and went as we hugged in a slow moving circle on the dance floor.  Yes, our wedding song was played and we danced.

Dancing, dancing, and a bit more drink.  One of my favorite champagnes, Verdi Spumante, was served for the toast and I enjoy a second glass :)

The main course arrives and I wish for a steak knife...

My husband ordered the chicken...

We love the family wedding.  The joy of the newlyweds, the well wishers, the dancers, the families and friends, but the evening comes to an end with a bit of tension.  Perhaps like over eating, we have pushed our time together to the waist band breaking point.  We may have done too much too soon and can not enjoy whether or not we have been Fed Well....

to be continued

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