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Monday, December 3, 2012

A Holiday Treat on a Plain Old Saturday

My older son's girlfriend made a tasty breakfast treat this past Saturday morning.  These popular cinnamon buns with frosting are typically only prepared one morning a year in this house - Christmas morning.  Why?   I'm not really sure, but it is one of the few traditions my husband started.  Grocery shopping for the holidays one year he put the popular cardboard tube in the cart and simply pronounced them to be Christmas breakfast and so, a tradition was born.

I have seen and heard others share more involved breakfasts and traditions but this has become ours.  Also, when I prepare them, I cram them all in a circular pan so they are touching when they bake.  I prefer this "new" method of separating them on a large pan so all edges can crisp a bit.

What are your families own holiday food traditions?  How did they start?  Have they evolved?  Culinary traditions always leave me feeling Fed Well and are an important part of holiday memories.

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