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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dorothy Parker Breakfast

One of the great modern Internet inventions - Pinterest.  One of my favorite discoveries on Pinterest - almost everything!  I have a board dedicated to my favorite author, Dorothy Parker.

For those who do not know what Pinterest is, well, it is basically a world of images that may or may not be attached to websites.  The image may be just that a photo or cartoon or a link to a website or blog.  

When I found Dorothy Parker quotes, I could hardly contain myself and the best part for me was finding quotes I had never heard or seen.

"This wasn't plain terrible, this was fancy terrible, this was terrible with raisins in it."


The way I have noticed the universe to operate (can you tell I have read, "The Secret?") is that when one thought is put out to the universe, others may follow and so after having found that quote, was it sheer coincidence that I decide to try the cafeteria's Raisin Bread French Toast with sausage?


Anyway, you can see one side of the bread has the look of a scrambled egg coating, but you know what, it was fine.  The bread was crisp enough to stand up to the syrup and while I thought I couldn't eat the entire 3 slice serving, I managed to make it all disappear.

Have I ever told you I am a charter member of the Clean Plate Club?

Mind, body and soul were Fed Well with one serving.

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