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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Feliz Navidad Lunch on Apocalypse Eve

A small group of us headed out for one of our last lunches together for 2012 and we decided Mexican food was the way to go.  Coincidentally, it was also Apocalypse Eve but we paid no attention.

With drink orders placed we discuss wine.  What is every one's favorite?  One prefers reds and dry whites, one must have wine that is sulfate free while two of us love the sweet stuff including Riesling and for me Moscatto.  Wine has nothing to do with lunch but we do watch another group enjoy their Margarita's... we never indulge on a work day.

The complimentary chips and salsa arrive quickly and it is funny how childlike I feel waiting for them.  

The guacamole cart arrives shortly after and as the ingredients are mixed I can tell how creamy the avocado is and again can hardly contain myself when it is placed on the table.

The background music suddenly becomes our main focus as one of the group compares the song to a Polka.  A Mexican Polka?  Well, it was unusual and not very Mariachi nor Christmas so it was quite unexpected.

The guacamole is quite perfect.  I am the reason we do not have peppers in our order.

I have 2 shrimp tacos and they are more than enough since I prefer to load up on crunchy nachos.

My 3 companions all have shrimp quesadillas.

We are quite happy with the way the shrimp is prepared.  Fabulous.

I notice the festive decorations...

We aren't worried about the end of the world.  In fact, none of us even brought it up.  

The walk back to work is brisk, cold, and windy.

At the end of the day, we wish each other well and as one of my friends wishes me a Merry Christmas I return the sentiment then stop walking. "Oh," I said.  

I turned and walked to her desk, "Happy Birthday," I smiled.  Her birthday is December 25.

I know some of her stories surrounding the pitfalls of sharing your birthday with a major holiday and have decided to surprise her in some way this year to celebrate.  That is what friends do - they wish you well and do what they can to ensure you feel Fed Well.

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