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Friday, December 7, 2012

Holidays at the Office and a Fabulous Handmade Chocolate Gift Box

Office holiday traditions can be tricky to see the least.  At my current day job we have decided that if someone wants to celebrate their birthday, they are responsible for bringing a snack to share with the group. Some one's feelings were horribly hurt in the past when no one brought her a cake so this may seem strange, but at least no one's special day is forgotten.  As an added bonus, since it is your birthday, you get to pick the treat.  Some bring in bagels or even fruit instead of cake.

So for the December holidays, many choose to bring a special food item to share.  The first to arrive was this beautiful box of handmade goodies.

These yummy chocolate works of art are created by the giver's niece and are also available to buy/order.

It was such a feast for the eyes, I scooped the box away and put it on my desk to photograph before it could be disturbed.  Problem was, the giver had no idea what happened and thought someone ran off with her group gift.  :) 

Luckily once she figured out it was me, she understood my need to photograph it for Fed Well.

With all the time co-workers spend together it is comforting to know we are able to not only work together, but enjoy a few bites of culinary joy as well and feel Fed Well in the workplace.

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