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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It Takes a Weekend for the Christmas Tree Set Up

Here's how Christmas tree shopping has the old days, a long, long time ago, we went as a family, in the cold dark night and searched through the lots in the cold (did I mention it was dark?) and try to find a tree that would fit our budget, meet our grand ideas of what a tree should look like in fullness and height and end up with something fairly close.

For the past few years, our sons have opted not to join us and in fact, I have learned to simply stay in the truck, let the husband look around and most times he would bring a tree within viewing distance of the truck and give it a spin for my thumb up or down vote.

Love that system.

This year we went in the daylight.  A first.  I picked out the tree.  Not sure if that is a first, but it is quite rare.

Onto the truck it goes.

Many area tree sales are held at nurseries which now include visits with Santa and other holiday themed activities.

Since we switched our tree shopping to daylight hours we were able to take in this sunset at the grocery store parking lot.

Sometimes I simply do not know how much food to prepare for dinner, who will be eating and how they prefer certain food items so I made venison/beef meatballs (baked in the oven this time without sauce),

along side sausage and peppers (also prepared without sauce - but don't worry sauce is served on the side) - some like these items alone, some prefer mixed together, as a sandwich or over pasta... a regular buffet.

For me, I like the whole mess over pasta and especially a nice firm Rigatoni.

The tree spent a day in the stand in the family room and then a night with lights only.  The next day, we decorated and ended up with this...

Every year I feel grateful.  Every year I am Fed Well.

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