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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Love a Surprise...with a heartbeat

I gather for Sunday breakfast every so many weeks with 2 girlfriends.  I walked into Perkins with one of them and when the hostess asked, "How many?"  I responded, "3," while my friend answered, "4."

We laughed about her answer and I simply thought our other friend had decided to bring her manfriend.  Not so.

Once the final buddy arrived, we were seated and just as quickly one of my friends disappeared to use the Ladies Room.  Not unheard of course, but when she returned it was with a surprise 4th!  This young lady had moved to Virginia a few years ago and it had been quite some time since we had seen each other.  Ironic part?  We were seated at the same table we were the last time I saw her!

The waitress wants to take our order but we are so excited to be together it is hard to concentrate.  Although I am fairly sure I want Eggs Benedict.  I typically order things I am not likely to make myself at home or do not have very often.  Perkins offers a number of Egg Benedict options including the:

Country Cookin' Benedict*

A grilled English muffin with savory sausage patties and American cheese, topped with two basted eggs, cream gravy, a sprinkle of American cheese and diced tomatoes. Served with Mammoth Muffin® or fruit and choice of hash browns or breakfast potatoes.

The menu photo looks like this:

Country Cookin' Benedict*

 Sold - but minus the cheese and it looks like this:

When did poached eggs become "basted?"  Doesn't matter - it tastes absolutely fabulous.  I simply adore having tomatoes with eggs!  The creamy gravy, sausage and egg combination is heavenly and I love sopping up the yolk with the crispy breakfast potatoes.  A breakfast dessert of fresh fruit is perfect.

In between bites, we talk about Christmas - they are pretty much done shopping and I operate under the, "if time remains, presents will be bought," tactic.  Crazy, I know.

One of the Breakfast Buddies ALWAYS orders French Toast and so today she didn't want to disappoint...

Though she confessed to going out to breakfast recently and having an omelet.  True story.

Our guest who has relocated from the south simply does not know what to order so the waitress leads her through a list of selections and this is how it worked out:

Eggs, sausage, home fries and chocolate chip pancakes.  INDEED!

We talk about our plans for the rest of the day and how we will spend the upcoming holidays.  Of course I ask about the menus.  For me, a family celebration with my husband's side on one evening, an evening at home and a family dinner with my side at my sister's house one evening.  For my turn, I am thinking of Chicken Cordon Bleu.  I believe I have made it once before and am looking for any tips...

The last order was also new.  This friend normally orders a scrambled egg with bacon but switched it up today with a short stack of loaded potato pancakes with bacon.  The photo is a bit blurry, but I will not blame it on the new camera phone as perhaps a bit of shake from the user.

I will also be making holiday soup and am likely going to reduce the holiday cookie selection this year down to perhaps 2 necessary kinds - the chocolate chip and the Swedish tea cake.

How is your holiday menu shaping up?  I look forward to spending meals with friends and family and celebrating our time together feeling Fed Well.

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