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Friday, December 28, 2012

Post-Holiday Leftovers - Mish Mosh and the Snow Storm

One last time we raid the fridge still brimming with holiday food.  I line everything up on the island in the kitchen with a stack of plates though I heat the soup in a pot on the stove.  Everyone can take what they like in the amount they prefer then top with a glass lid and into the microwave.

The snow falls and my older son's girlfriend calls from work at the end of her shift.  At first she believes she will be just fine driving home and so they hang up before his phone rings again a few minutes later.  Would he mind driving her home?  Both sons head out in the 4 wheel drive truck.  Older son will drive her car and younger son will follow behind before picking up his brother and they both return home.

With just a few hours sleep, older son leaves in the middle of the storm to report for work where he will clear snow for about 12 hours.  Yikes.

About those well done green beans - my mother-in-law does not like any crispness or crunch in her vegetables so on Christmas Eve I blasted a helping to ensure they would be soft.  When putting away leftovers, I combined the crispy and the well done but honestly, I don't mind mixing the two in my mish-mosh plate.

The Chicken Cordon Bleu, camera shy on the holiday, now makes an appearance for the camera.  Each of our four plates look very different but we all leave the table feeling Fed Well.

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